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Long Beach CA Eldercare Consultants

About Long Beach CA Eldercare Consultants

Today’s seniors are increasingly finding themselves in positions that they never imagined possible.  In today’s economy and with life expectancies that are steadily increasing, more and more seniors find that their retirement and pension funds are not enough to last the remainder of their lives.  Eldercare consultants are professionals who specialize in meeting the unique financial and other needs of seniors in order to help them keep their assets and finances in order. Eldercare consultants can include the following professionals:
  • Financial planners
  • Estate planners
  • Geriatric care managers
  • Insurance brokers
  • Real estate brokers
  • Elder law attorneys
  • And more
If you are seeking someone who can help you figure out if you have the money and coverage needed to keep you protected in the event of a rainy day, eldercare consultants can help.  Finding someone to help you secure care in the event of illness, plan for distribution of your assets, and even sell your home to cover medical expenses can be crucial, and it certainly starts by finding the right person for the job. At The Eldercare Channel of Long Beach, CA, we want to help make it easier to find the right eldercare consultant for your case.  The directory to the right offers a comprehensive listing of consultants who operate in our area.  You will also find that our site contains lots of helpful information on the different types of eldercare consultants as well as on many of the other decisions and issues facing today’s seniors and caregivers.Our Video Hosts, Michael McGuire and Sandra Diaz, are attorneys with the California Elder Law Center.

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