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Long Beach CA Adult Day Care

About Long Beach CA Adult Day Care

For seniors who spend their time in the family home with their adult children, the need to socialize with peers often goes unmet.  Likewise, many caregivers find themselves sacrificing time with their own peers and struggling to meet the needs of jobs, families, and their own personal lives.  Adult day care provides seniors and caregivers alike with the respite needed to help improve their quality of life. Adult day care providers vary considerably from one to the next.  Some groups and facilities are designed for seniors who maintain a high level of independence and can offer activities, outings, and more.  There are also facilities geared towards seniors with more intensive needs, providing assistance with things such as eating, grooming, and managing medications.  Like almost all care, adult day care is a continuum and there are options all along the spectrum. If you or a loved one is in need of adult day care, let us help you find it.  The directory below was compiled by the team here at The Eldercare Channel of Long Beach, CA, and is designed to help make it easier to contact local facilities.  Our website also offers articles and information about this and many other issues that affect today’s senior and caregiver populations. Our Video Hosts, Michael McGuire and Sandra Diaz, are attorneys with the California Elder Law Center.

Long Beach CA Adult Day Care Articles

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