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Moving into a Long Beach Assisted Living Facility

The realization that the next step for your parents is moving into a Long Beach assisted living facility.  Thankfully, Long Beach offers assisted living options that may make the decision more appealing.  To make the transition easier, try to gain your parent’s support for the idea; find the facility that is the best match for him; and maintain open lines of communication once he moves into the facility. 

Gaining Dad’s Support for the Idea

Studies show that the majority of seniors prefer to grow older at home.  So your parent may initially resist the idea of an assisted living facility.  There are many strong in-home care options available, so it may be worth exploring those.  (To learn more, see “Choosing a Non-Medical Home Care Service” and “Services Provided by Skilled Home Health Care Companies” on the Long Beach Eldercare Channel.)

However, if you and your parent’s doctors have determined that moving into a Long Beach assisted living facilit is truly the best option, then a critical first step is to gain his support as early as possible.  After Dad has had a challenge completing a task on his own, gently point out the possible safety risks or health consequences of continuing to live unassisted.

Explain that assisted living facilities offer varying levels of assistance, depending upon a senior’s needs.  Assisted living communities usually offer a variety of studio, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom floor plans for lease or purchase.  Nursing staff is usually available 24 hours a day, with periodic visits by doctors and therapists on an as-needed basis.  Depending upon his health, Dad may still be able to live fairly independently.

Finding the Right Match

Thoroughly research assisted living facilities to find the one that best matches Dad’s needs and interests.  Consult with Dad’s doctor to determine the level of medical assistance and types of therapy that he needs.

Look for amenities that align with his interests.  If he enjoys exercising, is there a fitness facility?  Is there a garden if gardening is his passion?  Explore visiting hours, planned activities, and counseling resources.  Research the governance structure, as many seniors enjoy being directly involved in making decisions about the facility and its activities.  Once they learn about the amenities, seniors often become excited about making a move to an assisted living facility.

In Long Beach, Pine Villa Senior Assisted Living, The Breakers, Villa Redondo TruCare, Hacienda Grande Senior Assisted Living, and Loram Manor Assisted Living offer assisted living care. Sunrise Senior Living of Long Beach offers independent living, assisted living and Memory Care for Dementia patients.  Katella Senior Living Community offers assisted living and skilled nursing care so that seniors can avoid relocation when their care needs increase.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Reassure Dad that once he moves into the facility, he will always have a say in his care.  Let him know that you welcome his input and feedback.  Even if his thoughts are negative, talking about them may help him to see issues in a more positive light.  Open communication is important for your relationship.  You also want to ensure that he feels comfortable informing you of any elder abuse.

Moving to an assisted living facility is a major transition.  But you can help make this life change a more positive one by gaining Dad’s support as early as possible; finding the Long Beach facility that is the best match; and keeping the lines of communication open.

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