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Is a Long Beach Skilled Nursing Facility your Best Option?

Although the vast array of in-home health care options enables many seniors to remain at home as they age, sometimes, financial or other severe health considerations may necessitate a permanent move to a Long Beach skilled nursing facility.  Facing the fact that your parents need long-term care in a skilled nursing facility can be difficult – both for you and for your parents.  To make this transition as smooth as possible, you will need to consider your parents’ needs, explore the type and quality of skilled nursing facility options, and evaluate the cost.portrait of senior doctor writing reports by photostock

Find a Long Beach Skilled Nursing Facility

In Long Beach, Edgewater Skilled Nursing Center offers the full spectrum of skilled nursing care, including IV therapy, Dementia care, enteral (intestinal) feeding, colostomy care, and medication management, as well as physical, speech, and occupational therapy.  The facility also provides long-term and hospice care.

For a full range of therapy, Alamitos Belmont Rehabilitation Hospital provides skilled nursing care and intensive rehabilitation, including two rehab physicians who work closely with the in-house rehab team and attending physician.

Consider Mom’s Needs

The choice of a skilled nursing facility should be first and foremost based upon Mom’s needs.  Often, the decision to enter a skilled nursing facility is triggered by a major event such as an injury or a complication after a major surgery.  In other cases, the decision is made as the result of a gradual deterioration in a parent’s health.  To make the best choice in a skilled nursing facility, consult with Mom’s doctors to determine the type of care needed.  For example is enteral (intestinal) feeding needed?  Does she need a facility specializing in patients with Alzheimer’s or Dementia?  Is physical rehabilitation crucial in order to regain basic functions?  Different facilities offer different types of care, so it is important to clearly understand Mom’s needs and match them with the facility’s offerings.

Explore Your Options

When making a choice for a long-term skilled nursing stay for Mom, consider the services.  Shoreline Healthcare Center, Country Villa Bay Vista, Catered Manor Nursing Center, and Royal Care Skilled Nursing Center offer the full range of nursing care, and amenities such as exercise programs, social and recreational activities, arts and crafts, religious services, and games.  Some facilities provide multilingual care providers.

Investigating the quality of care is essential. Review nursing home reports and consult state and other ratings agencies, consumer review websites, government-funded advocates, and local clergy for opinions.  Observe the safety, security, cleanliness, and general atmosphere of the facilities via a firsthand visit.

Evaluate the Cost

Long-term skilled nursing home care can be costly. However, there are resources that can help defray the cost. In order to determine if a nursing facility fits your budget, ask for all fees detailed in writing, including all forms of therapy. Know which services are included and which ones require an extra charge. Explore whether the facility accepts Medicare or Medicaid. If so, these government sources may fund a portion of the care.  Other financing sources include long-term care insurance, VA Benefits, the sale of the senior’s home, or a loan against a life insurance policy. By considering Mom’s needs, exploring the types and quality of care, and evaluating cost, you can find the right skilled nursing facility for her. 



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