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Long Beach Home Care Problems

stethoscope notebook and penFinding the right match between a home care provider and your aging parent can be a challenge, and sometimes Long Beach home care problems can arise.  So it is not surprising that there may come a time when Dad may not be pleased with the chosen home care provider and may want to make a change.

When it comes to switching Long Beach home care providers, first, value and respect Dad’s input.  Then clearly understand the reasons for the dissatisfaction.  If appropriate, attempt to resolve the situation.   Lastly, if necessary, thoughtfully make the change.  It is vital that Dad be pleased and comfortable with the ultimate choice.

Value Dad’s Input

First and foremost, let Dad know that you value his input.  Being open to his concerns will keep the lines of communication open and ensure that he is comfortable articulating elder abuse if it ever occurs.  If you respect his input, he will be more honest  about what worked and did not work in the care provider relationship, enabling you to create a better match in the future.

Understand the Reasons

Once you have determined that the caregiving situation is a safe one with no elder abuse, evaluate possible reasons for Dad’s dissatisfaction.   Talk with Dad to determine if there is a personality clash.  Is the dissatisfaction truly related to the caregiver or is Dad upset with what he perceives as a loss of independence?  Is Dad upset because the caregiver is holding him accountable and insisting that he actually engage in his therapy?  Understand the situation so that it will not merely repeat itself with another caregiver. Closely observe the relationship firsthand.

Also, consult with Dad’s doctor.  Has there been a change in his health that warrants a different type of care than what the caregiver can provide?  For example, signs of dementia include suspiciousness and paranoia, which can sometimes dramatically and quickly affect interpersonal relationships.  Use Dad’s discontent with the caregiver to carefully assess his own health, as well. Understanding the motives behind the desire for switching Long Beach home care providers can help you make the best decision.

Attempt to Resolve the Issues

Once you have identified the reasons for the dissatisfaction, if appropriate, attempt to resolve the issues.  If it is clear that there is a problem with the “fit” between Dad and the caregiver of with the quality of the caregiver’s work, immediately replace the caregiver.

However, if other issues have been identified, make the caregiver aware of Dad’s concerns and discuss possible solutions.  For example, if Dad resents the caregiver’s reminders to engage in therapy exercises, perhaps he and the caregiver should devise a daily schedule together and set alarms on Dad’s watch to mark the therapy times.

Thoughtfully Make a Change

If the situation does not improve, thoughtfully and carefully make a change. If an agency was involved in the placement, make the agency aware of the concerns so that it can determine if there have been similar issues with that particular caregiver in the past.

Meet and spend time with new proposed caregivers in advance, on a trial basis.  Seek Dad’s input and feedback early.  Many agencies pride themselves on making the right match and will do everything possible to ensure client satisfaction.

Long Beach home care providers Aberdeen In-Home Services and ComForcare Senior Services provide companionship and other home care services.  LivHome – Long Beach, Home Instead Senior Care, Visiting Angels Long Beach, and Williams & Williams Home Care offer caregivers specially-trained in dealing with Dementia or Alzheimer’s patients.

Sometimes, change is needed. When it is, respect Dad’s input, understand the reasons for his dissatisfaction, attempt to resolve the situation, and make a thoughtful, careful change.

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