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What to Do When You Need Home Medical Equipment in Long Beach

Care has no boundaries.  The need for medical care is not always confined to a hospital room or contained within the walls of a nursing home. As your loved ones age, there may be a need to find home medical equipment in Long Beach — medical equipment that can help them to remain in the familiar environment of home longer. doctor holding patient's hand in a walker by praisaeng

Home Medical Equipment in Long Beach

There are several excellent providers of home medical equipment in Long Beach who can help you equip your home to provide the best care for Mom or Dad.  By following the simple “do’s and don’ts below,” you can make the right home medical equipment decisions.

Providers of home medical equipment in Long Beach such as Home Medix and Abrams & Clark can work with you to determine the best equipment to meet Mom’s needs.

DO Understand Mom’s or Dad’s Needs

To meet Mom’s or Dad’s medical needs at home, you must first clearly understand them.  Consulting with Mom’s doctors, nurses, and therapists will help you to determine if any medical equipment is needed in the home.

Mom may have had a recent illness, injury, or surgery that triggered the need for home medical equipment.  If so, meet with the doctors, nurses, and discharge planner to thoroughly review her health issues and a develop a home care plan that includes any medical equipment solutions.  If Mom’s physician recommends non-medical in-home care or skilled (medical) home health care, be sure to include home health providers in your final decisions about medical equipment rental or purchases.

DO Explore Your Options

To help you understand your options, some medical equipment companies offer customers the ability to view products and live training demonstrations in a showroom.  Diversified Medical Equipment & Supplies provides a retail store in nearby Huntington Beach and sells discounted medical supplies online.

A vast array of home medical equipment is available for use in the home, including bathroom safety equipment; braces and supports; diabetic care equipment; wheelchairs; hospital beds; and lift chairs.  Other products include fitness equipment designed to be safe for the elderly, vision and hearing products, incontinence supplies, and medical/safety alert systems.

DON’T Assume YOU Have to Pay for Everything Out-of-Pocket

Too often caregivers discover too late that certain types of medical equipment are covered by insurance. The cost of a temporary hospital bed or wheel chair, for instance, may be a covered expense if it is prescribed by a doctor as a “medical necessity.”  Although insurance coverage varies widely, some home medical equipment and related services can be fully or partially covered.

A portion of “durable” or reusable medical equipment prescribed by a doctor is typically covered by Medicare, though usually only for a specified time period.  Medicare specifies that certain equipment must be rented, while other equipment may be purchased.

Long Beach home medical equipment providers can help you provide the best possible medical care for Mom and Dad in the best place – which may very well be their own home!



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